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The company is located in Ruian city Zhejiang Province China.

Our beach car accessories, off-road vehicle accessories sales throughout the country.

Our slogan is: leading service quality, fine product quality.

If you are interested in our accessories, please put the product list E-mail it to us or leave a message to us, and we will reply to you as soon as possible.


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How do I choose the correct pocket bike part for my Chinese pocket bike? Most low cost pocket bikes you see on the market today are made in China by a handful of manufacturers. Most of these manufacturers build their pocket bikes with the same parts. The manufacturers then sell the pocket bikes to hundreds of different importers in the USA using different brand names. We have found that if the pocket bike looks just like yours the parts will fit regardless of the brand of your pocket bike. Remember to click on the part photo for details. If you have any questions about which pocket bike part fits your type of pocket bike please feel free to contact our friendly pocket bike parts staff by phone toll free at